[Scribus] Version Question

frank gaude' tanzen
Tue May 24 00:48:34 CEST 2005

Franz Schmid wrote:

> frank gaude' schrieb:
>> I just compiled and installed the latest 1.3cvs... wow, lots of 
>> changes in the last few weeks, eh? I see why I would have missed the 
>> shadow effect... next the ability to make offset and other 
>> adjustments to the effect. Keep up the good work! Bravo!
> The ability to change the offsets of the shadow is now in CVS, it should
> move to the anonCVS within the next hours.
Controlled shadows everywhere, this is what I seek. I'm coming from 
InDesign CS so you know what my situation is. Thanks, Franz, for putting 
the energy into this area for me and all the others who see the purpose 
for it.

Northern California

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