[Scribus] Scribus features and python scripting

Marvin Dickens marvindickens
Fri May 20 07:07:23 CEST 2005

Hello List members,

We have just completed a few more PDF documents with Scribus. These particular
documents are of particular importance because they are documents with legal 
ramifications that are used daily. In the past, these documents were produced 
and maintained using expensive proprietary software. Under the old software, 
they were hard to upgrade/change - a real PITA that had to be dealt with 

FWIW, the new PDF's look better and are more 
maintainable/upgradeable/changeable than what is possible using the old 
proprietary product. The amount of control that is possbile coupled with the 
ease of use of Scribus (Once your over the learning curve...) is incredible.
Scribus rules!

Now, the features we use a lot include Get Text for importing text and pretty 
much all of the PDF options and features including javascript. The template 
stuff is great too.  We are beginning to look at python scripting to automate 
construction and modifications of documents, but we are not certain how far 
we can feasibly/realistically take this powerful feature. In fact, python 
scripting is the purpose of this post. 

I've read all of the info on the WIKI regarding python scripting. It's good 
info, but rather sparse. Question: Are all of the features of python  
available for use when scripting in Scribus? If not, what features of the 
python language are excluded? Are there features within Scribus that cannot 
be accessed using python? Are there any "Gotcha's" or other surprises?
Is there information/documentation regarding this subject that I have missed?
It's obvious that python and Scribus play well together, but I don't know what 
the limits are (Although, I'm sure they exist).

Best regards

Marvin Dickens
Alpharetta, Georgia  USA 


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