[Scribus] PDF bookmark linking

Eric P eric.maillist
Thu May 19 07:00:31 CEST 2005

Ulp... I think I had my terminology mixed up.  It appears an annotation 
might be what I was after.

I do still have a couple questions though.

#1 When I make a text element a PDF annotation, the link is there in the 
generated PDF, but the text disappears.  Is that normal?  I kinda 
thought it would work like a web link (i.e., change color when you 
hover, etc.).

#2 Is there a way to customize the bookmark text (what'll show up in the 
bookmark's tab) to differ from the bookmarked text element?

#3 If I have a page with an image covering the entire page.  I'd like it 
to have a bookmark.  Can I just hide a text element behind the image and 
make it a PDF bookmark?  Is there a 'cleaner' way to approach this 
(since it doesn't seem that graphic elements can be a PDF bookmark)?

Eric P.

Eric P wrote:
> Ok... I've declared a text element as a pdf bookmark, and it shows up in 
> the bookmark tool window.  But how do I link the bookmark to something 
> (i.e., another page, etc.)?
> I've searched through the manual and mail list to no avail.
> I'm running 1.2.2cvs if that matters.
> Thanks for reading,
> Eric P.

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