[Scribus] Display of bitmaps poor

PLinnell mrdocs
Wed May 18 17:14:18 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 18 May 2005 16:46, Julian Robbins wrote:
> Hi
> How come when I import a 300DPI bitmap image it looks very poor in
> Scribus with jaggies everywhere, but when I export a PDF of this it
> looks perfect ? Its a bit disconcerting for newbies if they think
> the image is poor in Scribus ! Is it an issue with the 300DPI?
> Scribus shows that the image is :- original DPI is 300, and actual
> is 300DPI.

In 1.2.x, the default is to show a 72dpi bitmap for placement 
purposes. As you note, on export or print it looks fine. 

This is by design and other DTP apps do this as well for performance 
reasons. Imagine working on an A3 sized tiff. That is a lot of pixels 
to move around for each redraw. 

1.3.0cvs has a whole bunch of new options for image display, including 
the abilities to display images at various resolutions on the canvas. 
Franz has really done a nice job with these new bits and I think 
people will be very pleased with the new enhancements. But, as always 
1.3.0cvs is development and not recommended for production use yet.

> But generally, Scribus is great!!
> BTW How's the Windows port coming on? There's been no updates on
> the BLOG recently...

Nothing to report beyond what you see there. 

As a side note, Andreas Vox has made lots of progress with the native 
Aqua builds. Its 'alpha' and there are still functions to be 
finished, but it it nice to see it actually running. What does work - 
works nicely for the most part. 


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