[Scribus] pdf table import

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue May 17 22:11:58 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 17 May 2005 22:00, Farid Elyahyaoui wrote:
> first of all: scribus kicks bottom! It is the program I was waiting for.
> now a question:
> I want to make a menu table of dishes, ingredients and prices and tried
> using the table feature of scribus but it is not "finished" yet for fast
> table creation and editing. I tried to use openoffice to create a pdf with
> a table and import it in scribus but the only way I found was to draw a
> picture frame and then use the "get picture" function and select the pdf
> file. this doesn't work however and the picture frame displays only the big
> red cross. What am I doing wrong here?
> Is there another method for fast table creation/import?

I receive a lot of tables in xls or word format. Horrible things. I load them 
into OO.org and export as high res pdf (press level in oo.org 1.1.x) and 
import into Scribus image frames. Works perfectly. You will need to tell 
Scribus where your ghostscript is though in preferences.

I havent had much of a play with OO.org 2.0 betas, but what I have seen is the 
press (1200 dpi) pdf export option has gone for some reason. Anyone able to 
point that one out to me?

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