[Scribus] Scribus on MacAddict CD

Howard White howardwhite
Mon May 9 13:10:44 CEST 2005

Howard White wrote:
>  The May issue of MacAddict magazine has a CD which includes Scribus 1.2

Martin Costabel responded:

What does this mean "includes"? Do they just mention it in some text or
do they include precompiled packages? They could very well include all
the necessary *.deb files, so that installing the SDKs and compilers
would not be necessary.

The Scribus  entry on the  CD results in placing on your Mac a folder 
called Scribus-1.2, which contains uncompiled  sources. It does not 
*not* include the *.deb files.  In order to do anything with it, you 
must install the SDK  as well, of course, as Fink (which creates the 
tree structure and underlying libraries.)

I have no idea who did this, but I'm sorry about it. It would have 
been better to see to fruition the current work on creating a 
Mac-native  Scribus, even though that would probably mean waiting 
until 1.3.0 becomes stable.

I understand the problems with the 4.0 compiler and that was easy to 
deal with. The fact that it couldn't then handle the qt-mt libs (and 
omits jpeg support entirely) is more troubling.

Thanks as always for your work in making  Scribus available on the Mac.

HW  (who nonetheless will take delivery this week on a SuSe Linux box.)

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