[Scribus] Scribus on MacAddict CD

Martin Costabel costabel
Mon May 9 08:14:41 CEST 2005

Howard White wrote:
> The May issue of MacAddict magazine has a CD which includes Scribus 1.2

What does this mean "includes"? Do they just mention it in some text or 
do they include precompiled packages? They could very well include all 
the necessary *.deb files, so that installing the SDKs and compilers 
would not be necessary.

> The info provided is minimal; says you need fink and X11.
> The CD also includes Aqua Scribus, (a little script that launches 
> Scribus when you drop an .sla file in it), fink, and Fink Commander (the 
> last is redundant because Fink Commander is included in the fink package.
> Anyway, what it leaves out is that you also need to install the X11 SDK, 
> which includes, among other things, the gcc 3.3. compiler. Mac OSX 10.4 
> (Tiger)  also includes the GCC 4.0 compiler, but if you install only 
> this one,  scribus configure faiils, complaining that it doesn't find a 
> suitable compiler. You have to install 3.3 as well.

Because of binary incompatibility between the 3.3 and 4.0 C++ ABIs (and 
changes in Apple's bug population), Fink uses at the moment g++-3.3 for 
compiling things on Tiger (in its "10.4-transitional" tree). The "10.4" 
tree will open soon, and then everything there will use the g++-4.0 
compiler. There is no problem to compile scribus and all its required 
libraries, including qt3, with g++-4.0, but this transition is something 
complicated that has to be done for all of Fink at the same time.


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