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Sun May 8 21:23:23 CEST 2005

I am trying to move from MS Publisher (don't scream!) for a basic
newsletter I edit.
The format of the newsletter is a folded A4 booklet to give an A5 page.
In MS Pub I can set this up to print as a booklet and it works well
(about all that works well in MS!).
I can get the scribus templates to give me an onscreen equivalent using
'facing pages' however, I don't have the ability to print them (or save
them to PDF) like this.  My printer lets me do N-up printing but that
puts page 1 and 2 together I want Page 1 and 8 together, 2 and 7
together etc so that when folded in a book it gives me page 1 front
cover, page 2 and 3 facing etc like it appears on the screen.
I assume its there as a feature I just can't find it!!
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