[Scribus] Basic questions about using ligatures in Scribus

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sun May 8 15:10:04 CEST 2005

>On Sunday 08 of May 2005 13:51, Craig Bradney wrote:
>>  If you want to use ligatures, you have to put them in manually at this
>>  point in time.
>...and it's very annoying. It should be done automatically. Other thing - it
>will be propably time consuming for large texts.

This is a perfect use for a "multiple search & replace" feature which 
would allow users to set any number of strings to be looked for and 
substituted, at once. One could save this search & replace file for 
further use. So, in the ligature case, you could have a preset file 
simply called "Ligatures" and call it at any time in production.

That way, and until OpenType extra glyphs are fully and automatically 
supported in Scribus (and even when they are), this could make 
possible the use of the Expert series fonts that have all those extra 
glyphs not found in the regular typeface. Who wants to search & 
replace *one at a time* all the digits from 0 to 9 to set the regular 
"Cap height" numbers to their "lowercase" counterparts? etc. Examples 
for this are tons.

AFAIK, "multiple search & replace" doesn't exist in any of the 
well-known DTP app (nor in any WP app). Only Quark had an XTension 
called AliasPro back in the years of version 2-3-4. This XTension is 
not maintained anymore. It was perfect to "clean" text coming from 
various sources and help formatting.

Personnaly, I would see this feature as a *very* nice addition to Scribus.

(Filed as bug #1105)



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