[Scribus] Basic questions about using ligatures in Scribus

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Sun May 8 12:17:29 CEST 2005

I dimly remember some previous exchange of thoughts about using
ligatures in Scribus -- basicly, it was about having proper .afm files,
right? So now I have some basic questions, how to get it up and running.

Q1:  I added an additonal path to a Type1 font in
Settings>Fonts>Additional Paths, how do I let Scribus know about its afm

Long explanation: I've added this well designed Polish Type1 font
ftp://ftp.gust.org.pl/pub/GUST/contrib/fonts/replicas/antp.zip, now I
can use it in Scribus, but the afm files are located  elsewhere. How
does Scribus find them?

Q2: How/when does Scribus substitute single glyphs with ligatures? 

Long explanation: According to it's description, some glyphs of this font should be
replaced by  ligatures, e.g. "f+f" should be substituted by "ff",
"hyphen + hyphen" should be replaced by "ndash", etc. Does it happen in
Scribus automatically while filling a text frame with text, or at
another point of time?

Q3: Could somebody deliver a very simple real life example with Scribus?

many thanks in advance

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