[Scribus] Accents in pt_BR (iso8859-1)

Craig Bradney cbradney
Thu May 5 16:45:09 CEST 2005

I cant see that in my KAlarm (KDE 3.4). Its on what screen in yours?


On Thursday 05 May 2005 16:27, Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter wrote:
> Hi!
> I've noticed that some apps delegates to user select input mode.
> In that apps (like KAlarm, for example), I can choose "xim input method"
> and "simple composing input method". In both I can type accents.
> Someone knows how could I change input method for Scribus? Or the
> default input method (that appear be "xim input method" today) for all OS?
> Thanks,
> Richter.
> Graham Monk escreveu:
> >On Tuesday 03 May 2005 11:47, Graham Monk wrote:
> >>On Monday 02 May 2005 12:02, Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter wrote:
> >>>I don't know if this make difference, but I could open "QT Developer"
> >>>and create a text field in a dialog, and type accent vowels without
> >>>problems.
> >>>
> >>>My install is Fedora Core 3, with all official fixes, running a ABNT2
> >>>(pt_BR) keyboard. My window manager is Gnome 2.8, and everything works
> >>>fine (except Scribus). I've downloaded sources for Scribus 1.2.1, and
> >>>compiled/installed in same machine I'm running now.
> >>>
> >>>I don't have koffice running here, so I can't try Kword (by now - I'll
> >>>download and test ASAP). But KAlarm works like a charm, and other KDE
> >>>apps work fine too.
> >>>
> >>>And, note that I can type accents on "Edit text" window in Scribus. The
> >>>only problem is when the text is going into text frame.
> >>>I imagine that you could argue with several points about SO, but I think
> >>>the problem is text frame it self, and in Scribus.
> >>>
> >>>I'll appreciate any help you could give me.
> >>>
> >>>If you need any more info (some lib version, anything you find usefull,
> >>>please, just ask me, and I'll be pleasant to send it to you).
> >>>
> >>>Richter
> >>
> >>Can the more expert on the list have a look at this link?
> >>http://fr.rpmfind.net/linux/RPM/fedora/devel/i386/iiimf-qt-12.1.1-15.svn2
> >>50 9.i386.html Do a find in the document for "european"
> >>Also google for
> >>leif-unit-latin-fixes-r2060.patch
> >>
> >>I reported this problem back in December, I had deadkeys working
> >> previously then it stopped at some point.
> >>Currently using SUSE 9.3, at least I can now use the "edit text" option.
> >>
> >>Thanks Edson
> >>
> >>Graham
> >
> >I just checked Kword on my laptop and it still doesn't work!  Yet Edson's
> >does?
> >AS the bug report states I don't think this is a Scribus problem as such
> >but it is very peculiar.
> >
> >Graham
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