[Scribus] templates and templates

Marvin Dickens marvindickens
Wed May 4 04:46:57 CEST 2005

Well, I've just finished a non trivial document using 1.3. The document itself
was 2 US letter size pages and consisted of 2578 words, quite a few tables,
a couple of tiff images, a few boxes, lots of lines and other formating 

This document is part of the technical documentation for a new product that we 
will be shipping in August of this year. I was interested in knowing if 
Scribus was capable of replacing our closed DTP solution - It can, beyond any 
doubt, replace it.  Anyway, we sent the resulting PDF to our printing house 
and they had absolutely NO PROBLEM at all with the document. We are pleased 
and I express my gratitude to the Scribus team for this piece of fine 

I do, however, have a couple of questions revolving around development time 

1.) What is a realistic date for a 1.4 release?

2.) Are there plans for get-text regarding a better understanding of formating 
of OpenOffice/StarOffice documents?

3.) Large chunks of text contained in a text frames are challenging to deal 
with do to performance issues (3GHZ CPU, 1GIG RAM). What are the best 
methodologies to employ in order to minimize the effects associated with this 
issue? Will this issue be addressed 1.4 or 1.6?

Best regards and thanks for the great work!

Marvin Dickens

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