[Scribus] Accents in pt_BR (iso8859-1)

José Antonio Meira da Rocha joseantoniorocha
Tue May 3 19:13:47 CEST 2005

edson.richter at mgrinformatica.com.br escreveu:

>I'm trying scribus 1.2.1, but I can't get accents types using dead keys when typing directly
>into text frame.
>If I select "Edit text", I can type accents using dead keys, but when I confirm content
>("Update content and exit" button), the text is truncated until first accent vowel.
>I started scribus from terminal, and I found the following message every time I type a
>accent vowel:
I have no problems with accented letters as you describe (Kurumin Linux, 
Knoppix, KDE 3.3, charset=iso8859-1, LANG=pt_BR).

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