[Scribus] Problem importing SVG generated with Inkscape

Luca Pireddu lucap
Mon May 2 17:55:55 CEST 2005

Hello all.  I'm trying to import an SVG diagram I drew with Inkscape, but I'm 
having a problem.  The elements show up all out of position.  I posted a 
reduced example illustrating my problem here:  

I'm wondering whether I'm doing something wrong or whether I should file a bug 
report for Scribus.  I tried saving my diagram as both Inkscape SVG and Plain 
SVG.  I then import the diagram via File->Import->Import SVG.  Both Inkscape 
outputs have the same result.  Am I doing things right?  Is there a known 
work-around for this (other than exporting as a raster file)?

TIA for your help.  This is my first time using Scribus and, except for this 
hiccup, things have been well :-)


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