[Scribus] word wrap error

frank gaude' tanzen
Mon May 2 03:02:14 CEST 2005

Well, from my long experience, I'm 73 years old, the two spaces applied 
with use of non-proportional typewriters of yesteryear. Such went to one 
space when DTP came into popular being and proportional spacing for type 
in word-processors was used for most bodies of text. Looking over 
typeset books of long ago, even then we could see the single-space 
between sentences, really an em-space or en-space.

A well-coded DTP problem should have no problems with double spacing 
between sentences and line-break wraps.

Bart Alberti wrote:

>I have been told vehemently that TWO spaces should be put between sentences
>and just as insistently that such is old hat. If it affects appearance then
>it counts as a problem as it would since the line breaks inappropriately.
>Bart Alberti

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