[Scribus] word wrap error

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach
Sun May 1 20:14:04 CEST 2005

Dnia niedziela 01 maj 2005 17:23, Rainer Heilke napisa?:
> Gregory Pittman wrote:
> > I'm not sure about the UK, but I know in the US, typists/word
> > processors usually put two spaces between sentences, and this is
> > perhaps where Scribus has a problem.  Since we're in such a habit of
> > typing two spaces between sentences, Scribus needs to allow for this.
> Just to clarify a touch, the "two space" habit is a hold-over from
> typewriters and when computers only had fixed-width fonts. Whenever you
> have proportional fonts, this is considered unacceptable (at least it is
> here in Canada). Not to criticize, but I'm surprised anyone does this
> any more.

This is left-over from old typographic custom in anglo-saxon countries. 
When you check older books you will see bigger space at the begin of each 


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