[Scribus] table properties

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Jun 29 19:04:05 CEST 2005

I'm trying to redo/fix a form that contains tables, somehow totally
messed up in the transition from v1.2 to v1.3, and the transition from
FC3 to FC4.

One of the serious pain-in-the-butt issues is the inability to do a
global change on a table to make the lines show -- as far as I can tell,
you have to do it cell by cell; not good at all.  You also have to be
careful on how you click on a table so you don't click the whole thing
to some shrunken down state.

Am I missing something?


further notes:

Even though I made two similar tables right after each other, they ended 
up with different thicknesses of the lines (1.0pt and 0.6pt), so I had 
to cell-by-cell change the thickness.  In addition, each time I jump 
from one cell to the next, I don't even retain the same property -- 
jumps from Line to XYZ.
If I had two tables with 100 cells in each, that would be VERY frustrating.


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