[Scribus] constants for arithmetics in numeric fields of object

David Soukal david.soukal
Wed Jun 29 01:30:55 CEST 2005


I have wondering whether there are any constants that can be used for
arithmetic computation in numeric fields of objects. I know that I can
use simple operators +/- when specifying position, size, and scaling of
objects. But can I use some contants? For example "em", "en" for numeric
fields related to text object. Or "width" (meaning width of the image
frame) for specifying size of images within their image frames..

It would be best if the expression "stayed" in the definition of the
numeric field, i.e. were recalculated during modications of the frame.

This way, I could, for example, center my image within its image frame.
Or to have the image width being 80% of the width of the frame with 5%
gap on the left and 15% gap on the right..

I can align my image within its frame already, but the gaps I create
will not scale when the image frame is scaled...


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