[Scribus] vertical alignment of text frames?

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Jun 29 00:48:14 CEST 2005

> >>I have a question regarding the possibility of vertical alignment of
> >>text frames. I couldn't find this function anywhere. I think it might
> >>come handy for vertical alignment of selected elements: for example to
> >>vertically align a heading with a color rectangle below it. Since the
> >>text frame of the heading is always a bit bigger than the text itself,
> >>the Align & Distribute dialog box won't do the trick.
> >>
> >>Do you have any trick how to achieve this? I tried to make the text
> >>frame's height about the height of the text it self, but without any
> >>effect. Even if I set the line spacing to zero, I won't be able to
> >>resize the text frame to fit the text. Everytime I resize the box to
> >>have height just about the height of the text, the text is clipped.

Ok 1.3.0cvs...

Yeah, to be fixed in updates to the text layouter at some point. Plus the 
ability to vertically align text in a frame... one day.

> >>On similar note, is it possible to center-align vertically/horizontally
> >>things about a guidline?

No.. but I'll have a think how to do it for the align distribute palette.

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