[Scribus] Magazine Style Layout Template

Juraj Fedel read-it
Tue Jun 28 14:28:49 CEST 2005

On Sun, Jun 26, 2005 at 02:30:00PM -0400, Sunil Joshi wrote:
> I am enjoying the OSX port created by Andreas ... its working very  
> well.  Here is a template of magazine article style layout for any  
> one who wants to use it.  Simply replace the pictures and text with  
> appropriate materials.
> Sunil

     it is very nice and surely usefull for many scribus users to have
such a template at disposal (including me), but my I suggest not to 
send such big attachment to the list, but instead make them avaiable
on the web (perhaps wiki) with direct link in the mail for download.
I write this because on my slow modem connection it took more than 10 min
to download this single message and I guess I am not the last person
that have modem connection to internet (or am I? :) I just hope that
no lot of this big messages get to my mailbox or my phone and ISP  bill
and will grow bigger that I like.

This is not meant to dicourage anyone from sharig their templates or
other usefull  matrials, on the contrary they are very welcome
especially by DTP begginers.

Juraj Fedel

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