[Scribus] Re: Registration marks

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Sun Jun 26 18:15:34 CEST 2005

avox at arcor.de wrote:
> Hi Louis!
> Faszinating stuff. I this already on Scribus Wiki? (As it should IMHO)
> /Andreas

Not yet:) Agreed, this could be a nice introduction to a new Wiki howto
on using registration marks in Scribus. A DTP newbie would probably need
some additional information on WHAT  registration marks are and WHY
they are needed, along with a workaround for making them in Scribus.


> Louis wrote: (the rest, sorry for topposting)
>>Sorry for bothering you
> Don't be sorry! This gives me the occasion to add some info on 
> registration marks and other press marks. :)
> The following may or may not apply to your specific project.
> Registration marks are not an absolute necessity at this stage of the workflow.
> Registration marks are not needed when:
> 1. The document will be printed on a digital printer (ie. where the 
> operator has no control on the way the machine actually does the 
> registration, this all being done in the color engine itself). Unless 
> you need to control the actual preciseness of the machine.
> 2. The document will be electronically imposed and then printed on an 
> offset press.
> For #2, the printer will most likely use a dedicated imposition 
> software that will allow to place a variety of press marks, including 
> sophisticated color bars. All these will help not only register the 
> images from the various plates to combine a complete image out of the 
> press, but also help control other variables, such as ink density, 
> dot gain, etc. These color bars are often developped by the press 
> manufacturer itself. The color bars and the registration marks 
> generated by the DTP app at output is, in this case, of no use at all 
> and the imposition program will discard this information because it 
> is not needed on press.
> Registration marks however are important if you're going to print on 
> an offset press without any kind of imposition. That is, single page 
> document, printed one up. A large poster being a good example of 
> this. Even then, your printer will most likely want specific marks 
> and color bar the DTP app cannot provide and will use the imposition 
> program anyway.
> In the time where imposition was done manually or mechanically, all 
> these marks were of upmost importance: the eye of the technician or 
> the "eye" of the machine needed something to look after. Digital 
> imposition have changed that.
> If your printer still does imposition manually (many small shops 
> still do that), then yes, you need registration marks. Also, although 
> being very unlikely nowadays, you need those marks when making an 
> analog color proof by hand, without the help of punch holes.
> The printer is the better person to help you determine for sure what 
> is needed in terms of registration marks.
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