[Scribus] Scribus compiled with msvc.net 2002 : let's start debugging

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sun Jun 26 16:55:01 CEST 2005

On Sunday 26 June 2005 16:43, Jean Ghali wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> As this is my first message to this list, let's start by the
> presentation. I apologize by advance for any mistake with my english.
> Although I read it well enough, I'm not really used to write (or speak)
> in this language. So... I'm a 26 year-old guy living in France (between
> Rennes and Le Mans ) and working for a publishing company as a methods
> engineer and prepress specialist. Additionnaly, I make some software
> development dealing with production automation and management. Mostly
> win32 development using C++ Builder. However I often have to make
> portable development. For example, I'm lucky enough to play with Adobe
> PDF Library (Unix version) and Adobe Acrobat SDK (Windows). Programs get
> compiled as plugins on windows and command-line utilities on Linux. No
> chance that this kind of code can come to Scribus any time soon...
> As the subject says, I managed to compile Scribus including all plugins
> (except scripter) with msvc.net 2002. More precisely Scribus 1.2.1 and
> Scribus 1.3.0 cvs. I started my work about a month ago with the
> following motivations and reasons :
> - was curious with the internals of a page layout program
> - wanted to gain some experience with qt and evaluate qtwin-free
> usability for my own non-professional use
> - had some time to spend on the project (and still have)
> - fun, fun and fun again.
> Why not use MinGW? I just do not want to proceed the same way as Paul.
> If I'm allowed to contribute later to Scribus Windows port, I'd be happy
> if users had choice in their compiling tools. So different approaches
> may be more profitable in my opinion.
> So here is my recipe.
> - qtwin-free 3.3.4-3 (compiled with msvc.net 2002)
> - fontconfig 2.2.3
> - freetype 2.1.9
> - littlecms 1.14
> - libart 2.3.16
> - libjpeg 6b
> - libtiff 3.7.2
> - ghostscript 8.51
> - some customized files from libgw32c (signals related files). A hack I
> know...
> - got rid of dlfcn header by reimplementing plugin management using
> QLibrary - renamed Unit enum values ( POINTS -> SC_POINTS etc...) to avoid
> conflict with types defined in windows.h header
> - win32 ScPainter use GDI functions ( qtwin-free bitBlt functions do not
> function properly for now )
> - Scribus 1.2.1 port use some backported files from 1.3.0 cvs (scfonts,
> scpaths)
> Everything got compiled with few or no hassle. The most important
> changes allowed plugins to run. Code portability is still maintained.
> Now, let's start debugging the whole thing. For now, most important
> problems are :
> - make postscript and pdf export work again : seems to be related for
> some part to unexpected behavior of QString += operators in qtwin-free.
> - avoid application crashs when using plugins. Having previously
> developed a pluginable application on win32 (a parser generator), I've
> got some idea about the crashs reasons.
> First, I'd like to make pdf export work again. The biggest problem has
> been located in PDF_Image function. For solving this one, I ask your
> help. May someone download the archive below, export the two sla files
> inside to PDF using Scribus 1.2.1 and send them back to me? PDF export
> options have been defined in the files according to my expectations.
> Thanks by advance.
> http://perso.wanadoo.fr/jghali/scribus/sc_121_test_files.zip
> Once mentionned bugs solved, following work includes (in order) :
> - make Scribus automatically locate windows special folder (MyDocuments,
> Windows font path, etc... )
> - make Scribus automatically locate ghostscript using registry
> - make Scribus use ghostscript dll instead of gswin32c.exe
> - python scripting support
> - for fun, start printing support using QPrinter, Paul having visibly
> taken the wxPrinter way.
> If necessary, I'll contribute patches to qtwin-free (QPrinter especially).
> Hope to give some news soon...


This sounds very interesting. I have just emailed you the PDFs you required.

Please keep us up to date.

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