[Scribus] Re: Ideas on collaboration

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Sun Jun 26 00:51:47 CEST 2005

Hi Alex and Louis,

On 6/22/05, Louis Desjardins <louisdesjardins at videotron.ca> wrote:
> >It seems that the discussion leads us to the conclusion that every scribus
> >object, not just text but svg, eps, raster images and whatever else, is
> >becoming a data entity. Then a document is put together by referencing
> these
> >entities and providing canvas co-ordinates and functional relationships
> >(page/layer for example) between them.
> Hi Alex,
> I think this is a concise way to wrap this! Agree.

Don't you think that "Editable" (or EditableEntity!) would be a much
closer term for abstraction (or interface name, for that matter) if
you are trying to find out abstractions?  This is just my two bit.

In addition, though I am still reading the thread, I wonder if any one
has worked with M$ Publisher (sorry!) - it has the kind of on-the-fly
layout and on-the-fly changes features that you guys are talking
about.  Don't you think it's functionality can be taken (after
reasonable modifications/enhancements by you guys, of course) as a
working/live specification?

Further, I worked with Oracle 9i database about a year ago and the
database server had the functionality to hold a particular (most
heavily used) part of the database completely in the memory (I am
talking about the in-memory database).  Though I haven't used SVN yet
but I do know that its data store is based on "Berkley DB" which is
also being used by MySQL now which (MySQL, that is) also supports
in-memory databases.  So, don't you think Subversion's "Berkley DB"
data store could be modified/configured to hold everything (DTP/.sla
files, that is) in-memory to keep the disk-contention to the minimum? 
This just my two bits again!

Best regards

p.s.  I checked my e-mail after a long time and this thread is simply
terrific.  I have really learned a lot about the term "workflow"
specifically.  Previously, I would throw a blank stare to anybody who
talked about "DTP Workflow" !  (I am new to the DTP/Design stuff!). 
Thank you all guys!  Keep it up!

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