[Scribus] Problems with text -> outline and EPS export

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sat Jun 25 01:18:37 CEST 2005

On Saturday 25 June 2005 01:09, Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
> Hi all,
> I created a huge file designed as a plate (965 mmm x 965 mmm) for
> digital print. PDF creation went fine (as usual) and I went to the
> printer for a test drive.
> At the printer, we had problems with Acrobat running out of memory
> (Acrobat loaded the ~ 8 MB file fine, but feel asleep while producing
> the final output) and we figured embedded fonts (three) as the most
> probable reason. The folks at the print shop told me this used to happen
> often with embedded fonts. I am used to produce output for print on
> paper, not plates, and my experience in that field is somewhat limited,
> so I went home and tried two different approaches:
> No. 1: export to EPS. Unfortunately, the document is a bit complex
> (different layers, one of them with opacity set to 60%). I lost the
> opacity and the backgrund image didn't appear in the EPS. So I tried
> No. 2: Converting all text to outlines. Now I lost all hyphens (the
> problem is not unique to scribus -- some vector programmes do the same).
> I went back to start, replaced all text frames turned to outline with
> real text and tried EPS again. Since then, scribus continues to crash
> with signal #6 every time I try to save as EPS (note 1: ghostscript is
> 8.15; note 2: printing to file (PS) lets scribus crash too).
> So what to do? I did an export to BMP with 2000 dpi and converted it to
> TIF. Maybe resolution will be high enough for the plate. And I did a
> second version (PDF) with all text turned to outline after inserting
> hyphens manually ([-], not [Ctrl]+[-]).
> Any ideas for a better solution? Before filing a bug report for the
> hyphens/hyphenation problem, I think it's better to hear the opinion of
> others on the topic.

Tried exporting to PDF but with subsetting of fonts on instead of embedding? 
In the current code this converts all text to outlines. I dont lose hyphens 
here when I do it that way.

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