[Scribus] Print Preview 122cvs only me?

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Jun 22 19:40:58 CEST 2005

Ralf-Diether Ebel (ATN-GmbH) wrote:

>Hello list, 
>due to the interesting discussiong about collaboration I got no answer to my 
>mail regarding Print-Preview.
Oops. Sorry, I meant to get back to you - but as you say, there's been a 
lot going on here (and I've been busy with work+exams).

For once, it's appropriate to re-post your question - and thanks for 
doing so politely instead of forwarding a copy as quoted text back to 
the list as some folks seem to do.

>Please be so kind to check wether this is only my problem or if I should file a 
1.2.2cvs's print preview should work fine.

>In the actual 122cvs from yesterday Print-Preview shows nothing. It dies with 
>Signal #11 when I start Print Preview and then mark "show cmyk". To 
>reproduce this I create a new page with one frame "lorem ipsum" and then 
>"Print Preview" - "show cmyk". 

>I have a new compiled GS and the pdf-export went fine.
Did you tell Scribus to use the new gs in the preferences? Old 
GhostScript versions are the #1 cause of problems with things like print 
preview, and Scribus can't automatically pick up your new version 
(unless you tweak your PATH); it has to be told it's there.

If that's not it, then to be able to do much more it might be necessary 
to get a backtrace - a crash dump from the program. This will generally 
only work if you compiled Scribus yourself, and needs a debugging tool 
called "gdb" to be installed (you quite possibly have it already if you 
compiled Scribus). Let me know when you've confirmed Scribus is using 
the correct GhostScript, and I'll give you some instructions. 
Alternately, I or someone else who's around at the time can probably 
help you do it on IRC, if that's easier - #scribus on irc.freenode.net . 
The channel doesn't always have people there who're able to listen and 
help, but does most of the time.

It'd also be helpful if you could do a couple of test documents to help 
track down where the problem is. Doing one without images but using the 
fonts you used in your document, and another with nothing but BitStream 
Vera, Nimbus, or some other "boring" font, would be really helpful.

Craig Ringer

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