[Scribus] Ideas on collaboration

Oleksandr Moskalenko malex
Wed Jun 22 19:23:13 CEST 2005

* Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com> [2005-06-22 13:08:15 -0400]:

> Marvin Dickens wrote:
> >Hello Everybody,
> >
> >I have found this thread interesting. What I'd like to see
> >is more of a general feature. It would support and further
> >collaboration, but would have other uses. Specifically, I'd like to 
> >see a tool within scribus that did the following:
> >
> >Strips out text, photos and graphics from OpenOffice docs
> >into 3 separate and distinct files types.
> >
> This all seems quite interesting.
> What you are suggesting is a "modular" approach.  SLA files are already 
> modular in the sense that, for images anyway, all you really have is a 
> reference to an image file, rather than embedding of the image.
> What one could envisage is something analogous to classes or functions, 
> in which a class or a function might simply denote a reference to a text 
> or image or other object.  The problem with text using this approach is 
> that the ASCII part of the text may be straightforward, but within that 
> you may have changes in font type, size, style, etc that cannot be saved 
> in the text file as Scribus is currently implemented.  Once again, 
> markup rears its (ugly?) head.
> Greg


The text formatting is already objectified in the nascent 1.3.x format. Here
is an example:

         <par-style  id="parstyle0" font-face="Bitstream Vera Regular"
                     font-family-hint="Bitstream Vera"
                     font-weight-hint="Regular" font-slant-hint="Normal"
                     font-size="12" font-size-units="pt" font-width="1"
                     char-tracking="0" word-tracking="0" font-kerning="0"
                     font-leading-type="relative" font-leading-type-amount="1"
                     font-leading-mode="proportional" font-leading-mode-amount="1"
                     text-stroke-color="black" text-stroke-opacity="0"
                     text-fill-color="black" text-fill-opacity="0"
                     justification="left" language="en" text-direction="ltr"
                     par-indent-unit="mm" par-indent-first="20"
                     par-indent-left="0" par-indent-right="0"
                     par-indent-hanging="no" par-spacing-unit="pt"
                     par-spacing-before="14" par-spacing-after="14"
         <txt-style  id="txtstyle0" parentstyleid="parstyle0"/>
         <txt-style  id="txtstyle1" parentstyleid="parstyle0"

Then in the text frame context we can have the following:

                <textframe id="ftxt0" width="300" height="200" sizeunit="px"
                     origin="ltop" xorigin="100" yorigin="700" origunit="mm">
                     <paragraph id="par0" parstyle="parstyle0">
                         <text parentpar="par0" txtstyle="txtstyle0"> Hello World!
                             This is a test document for the new Scribus file
                             format. This block is aligned to the 
                             left</text><text parentpar="par0"
                             txtstyle="txtstyle1"> and this one is justified 
                             but inherits all other properties of the same 
                             paragraph style.</text>



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