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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Jun 22 16:14:15 CEST 2005

>Hi Alex,
>>I would like to second Craig's position on Unicode vs markup. I've 
>>run into an
>>issue with a multitude of special hyphens and spaces defined in the Unicode
>>standard already while working on the new file format. I will defend to the
>>last breath the current consensus position that it is more efficient to use
>>Unicode instead of inventing elements for all the special formatting cases or
>>reusing those from other markup systems. OOWriter importer is the 
>>tool for the
>>job here.
>I don't think Unicode and markup are mutually exclusive. Working 
>with Unicode lets you define markup sets for any given purpose as 
>soon as character styles are available.
>IMHO, it is quite reasonable to let markup sets be defined by the 
>publisher and instruct the authors on their use. For instance, an 
>English native speaker will easily understand <em></em> tags as 
>"emphasise", but for a German native speaker <bet></bet> would be 
>more intuitive. As Craig pointed out, all it takes is a working Get 
>Text plugin. This would provide users all over the world with a 
>maximum of flexibility.

OK. With such a small set of markup, I think we could work this out 
in situations where we can directly talk to the writer (which is not 
always the case). I see that possible for a specific project. The 
difficulty will be to get a majority of people on that track!

Do you know if there is a way to automatically convert italic and 
bold to this kind of markup so they'd be useful in such a workflow?


>Another advantage is that you don't have to run different file 
>formats through OOo (including all uncertainties) before using them 
>in scribus.
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