[Scribus] How do you guys share scribu files for collaboration?

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Mon Jun 20 13:41:48 CEST 2005

>	I'm wondering if anyone here uses scribus as a means to publish a
>magazine, MyOSS Mag (http://mag.my-opensource.org) uses it for their
>Online free mag.
>Right now, as we're getting more people to contribute, one obstacle I
>see is how to share the scribus src file to all the contributors/team so
>that all of us can so the job of editing/proof reading etc without
>needing to step on each others' toes.
>I tried to use subversion to share the src, but seems like diffs don't
>go too well with scribus due to all the formatting etc.
>How are you guys doing it?
>Can you please share?

Here's my quick tricks on top of all what Craig Ringer has written.
You will be on your way with the workflow he's proposing.
It's proven, real life scenario.

If you're going to share the .sla itself:
Get your fonts harmonized from one machine another.
Prepare your stylesheets and stick to them, share them!
In OpenOffice.org, prepare to do the same.
You can use the word count to help organize your space in any given stylesheet.
Most (if not all) of the editing should (must) be done in the word processor.
Make sure everybody has the same set of intructions regarding color 
and image file formats.
Make a real life test of the whole workflow, right to the printer, 
before getting into production.

This is short, but covers a fair amount of ground.

Wish you the best.

If anything, people on this list will enthusiastically and quickly 
get you back on tracks! :)



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