[Scribus] png-file with transparency is printed with black background

PLinnell mrdocs
Mon Jun 13 14:28:34 CEST 2005

On Monday 13 June 2005 13:58, Ekkard Gerlach wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm back again, thx to Christoph Sch?fer. He gave me some hints
> in a PM. The problem with wrong colors is solved by printing via
> pdf.
> The problem with transparency with png's is still unsolved.
> Printing transparent png's (f.e. http://www.aiai.de/x.png) via pdf
> results in BLACK background: http://www.aiai.de/x.pdf.
> The black background can be viewed with xpdf on the screen or
> as result when printing to Konica Magicolor 2350, Kyocera600, ..

Xpdf does not support viewing transparency - ever. 

It displays transparency as black.. Known limitation of xpdf display 

PS3 does not natively support transparency. So printing from Scribus 
will not necessarily print correctly. This is not the fault of 
Scribus, but a limitation of the spec. 

> Is it the fault of the png? - I generated it with gimp, new image,
> transparent, inserting some stuff, saving as png.
> Or is it the fault of inserting in scribus? Or the fault of scribus
> itself?
> thx
> Ekkard


Make sure that when the .png is selected you also select colors in 
properties palette and select none for fill. When I look at your PDF 
in Acrobat with the transparency grid enabled, it shows a white 
background on the PDF you exported.

When I take your png, import it into Scribus and then export PDF 1.4. 
Then open in Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5 or 7. It displays and  
and prints perfectly.


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