[Scribus] who uses Scribus?

Aakin N. Patel aakin
Sun Jun 12 05:00:26 CEST 2005

: btw, it would be nice, if you and/or other authors of the recent
: "success stories" made a small preview image of your work (in Scribus
: File>Export>Save as image> Size roughly 20% which results in
: approximately 110-120px out of an A4 page), uploaded them to the Scribus
: wiki and inserted them just the way it's done in the first success
: story. If don't feel like playing around with the wiki, just e-mail
: those images to me, and I'll place them there. It would enormously improve the attractivity 
: and credibility of those success stories (not to mention all the other *ities :).


I can no longer open the file... scribus just goes into a loop, it
seems. That's a little annoying. It loads to about 94% and hangs there.

I'd be plenty willing to provide preview images... any idea how I can
fix the loading problem?

							- Aakin

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