[Scribus] Scribus install and Mac CPU usage?

Andreas Vox vox
Sat Jun 11 20:39:28 CEST 2005

zee wrote:

> Could an install of Scribus via Fink cause Mac OS CPU usage to
> skyrocket?
> I've noticed the Finder by itself using 95% or more CPU cycles since
> installing Scribus..could scribus be doing something to the system in
> the background?

I just read today that Finder gets really busy if you click "calculate 
all sizes" in the view options palette. Maybe you activated that 
because you wanted to check Scribus' size?


I still want to know how to get Scribus' CPU usage high ;-) What's the 
slowest operation for you: typing, opening/closing dialogs, scrolling, 
zooming, ... ? What is most annoyingly slow?

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