[Scribus] German forum needed for business

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Jun 7 19:28:42 CEST 2005

Holger Reibold wrote:

> Hi,
>> 1) There is a printed introduction to scribus in German available:
>> http://www.bomots.de/scribus/index.htm
> the book is available als PDF file. Hope you like.
This is great.  I guess now it will need an appendix about 1.3x?

As far as the list goes, I wonder how much trouble it might be for the 
German-fluent (or other language-fluent) to include with 
questions/answers a German translation of what they are saying.  If 
nothing else, this might allow those who are not-so-English-fluent to 
find the threads where a translation for them would be worth the  
effort.  I don't think this adds substantially to the list server 
overhead, and certainly would contribute to the friendliness of the list.


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