[Scribus] Feature wish magic guides

Jan Ulrich Hasecke janulrich.hasecke
Tue Jun 7 12:21:36 CEST 2005


I am not sure, whether this was discussed before. After switching to  
Mac OS X I discovered a nice feature in Pages.

Pages and Keynote has some kind of automatic guides which shows up  
and let the object snap in, when it has some special relation to a  
neighbour object. I also saw this in OmniGraffle.

If I a have a frame and create a new one, move it around on the page:
When the object aligns with its center to the other, a line appears  
and I can just drop the object, it will snap so that both objects  
align with their centers.

This works horizontally and vertically.

You can work faster if you quickly want to layout something.


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