[Scribus] Re: Appropriate platform for compiling scribus

Sebastian Roeder sebastian.roeder
Tue Jun 7 11:22:14 CEST 2005

> I consider buying SuSE 9.3. Has 
> anybody experience with that distro?
> I want to/have to:
> - build ghostscript 8.5x
> - build scribus 1.2.2cvs and 1.3cvs
> - build lprof
> - build inkscape 0.41
> - build GIMP 2.2.6
> Can all this be achieved with SuSE 9.3 without downloading too much 
> stuff? It's a serious problem, because after a major hardware upgrade, I 
> had to remove my ISDN-card.

I personaly use Gentoo and I am quite satisfied but Gentoo lacks 
ghostscript-8.xx (non afpl) so I can not use my printer with CUPS and 
ghostscript-8.x at the same time. With your internet problems I would 
not recommend you a source distribution or strongly internet based 
distribution at all.

SuSE 9.3 has ghostscript-8.15 with full CUPS support (I think no other 
distro has this so far), I have never experienced problems to build CVS 
in my SuSE times and inkscape 0.4x and gimp 2.2.x are already on board. 
I think this is a good starting point.

If you are interessted I can offer you a new and complete SuSE 9.3 Prof. 
box - I wanted to install it on my new Notebook (Intel Centrino 2nd 
generation, Dell Inspiron 6000) as a Scribus platform but the hardware 
is to new so I had to go back to gentoo (and still a lot work is 
needed). Please send me a personal email if you are interessted.

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