[Scribus] New porting target

Andreas Vox vox
Tue Jun 7 01:43:56 CEST 2005

Zee wrote:
> Does the switch from PPC to Intel cloud the scribus/Mac path?

Not at all.

> That pre-alpha aqua work seems cancelled out by the chip change..would
> you continue coding
> for a platform not long for this world?

Most changes are based on the different Qt version:
- use std Qt api instead of X11 (solved)
- Aqua style widgets need more space (some design, will be the same on 
- focus handling, menu bars, window decorations, modal dialogs (will 
probably the same on Aqua/86)
Other than that:
- different file paths (same on Aqua/86)
- alternative font formats (solved, same for Aqua/86)
- endianness problems when reading/writing images (will go away in 

> Would the Mac version then become pretty much like any x86 version,
> with some mac-specific tweaks, then?

Currently the differences are:
- uses Qt/Aqua theme (Qt does that for us)
- some widget designs allow for more space
- Central menu bar on top, About and Preferences move to Mac specific 
Scribus menu (Qt does that for us)
- some speed optimizations will also go back into the main CVS version 
(as the font speedup already did)
- focus handling and modal dialogs: I'm still experimenting with these 
but hope to find a solution which works on Mac and Linux
- configure doesn't support the Qt/Mac build out of the box, minor 
tweaking needed

The goal is to get a Scribus/Aqua version which can be compiled from 
CVS and which looks very much like the Scribus/Linux version. When I 
find out how I'll also implement AppleEvents (open, print) and Mac 

All in all the move from Scribus/Aqua-PPC to Scribus/Aqua86 will be 
much easier than the move from Scribus/X11 to Scribus/Aqua, Scribus/X11 
to Scribus/Win32 or Scribus/Qt3 to Scribus/Qt4. Generally any app which 
is portable between Mac/PPC and some Intel-OS will be quite easy to 
port to Mac/86 (same OS minus the endianness problem)


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