[Scribus] New porting target

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Jun 6 21:30:17 CEST 2005

Hi folks

It seems we have some fun ahead of us - and a new way to isolate endian
bugs. Apple's going to be making Intel based machines with MacOS/X:


Hmm... dual boot MacOS/X and Linux, with WINE/QEmu on the side.
Tempting. Throw in MacOS/X running in a Xen instance under Linux and
it's a developer's dream - all we need now is Solaris x86 under Xen too.

Tell you what Andreas ... if I can get my hands on an Intel-based Mac
mini (my money is on Pentium M, maybe P-M Celeron re CPU choice, and
probably still a custom mobo with OpenFirmware etc), I'll be able to
help you more with the MacOS/X port :-) . No more VNC to the eMac at

Maybe they'll even build the iBooks with two mouse buttons now :-P

I think this is interesting for Scribus, especially if these things take
off. Doubly so if you can (*gasp*) dual boot Windows on the new macs
too, since that might mean whole new markets exposed to an arch we can
get a port up and running for with considerably less pain than win32.

Craig Ringer

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