[Scribus] [NEWBIE] linked text boxes?!

tibe yholden
Sun Jun 5 18:54:04 CEST 2005

Hi to all,
i discovered this great program this morning, i am entuxiast!
I always seen professional program like Xpress, didn't imagine that i 
could find a great program like this with free software license!
Thanks a lot to the developer, you did a great work!

I have found some mini-giudes in internet, and now i use some nice 
features, but there is a feature i can't find:...
is possible to share a text between different text box?

I want to insert a text from a file (2-pages of text) in a text box, 
f.e. at the bottom of page2,

|                                          |
|                                          |
|   this is page 2, now this |
if the text is too much for the box it must automatically continue in 
another text box....

|text will continue automa|
|tically in page 3.....           |
|                                          |

is it possible?



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