[Scribus] who uses Scribus?

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Sun Jun 5 00:49:14 CEST 2005

> > I've just added it to the Scribus success stories:

I own and operate the Melville Theatre in Melville, Saskatchewan,
Canada.  (http://theatre.sasktelwebsite.net).

I buy some candy in bulk (twenty pounds of Gummy Worms, and whatnot). 
I have a heat sealer machine and repack the bulk candy into smaller
plastic candy bags for sale at my concession counter.  I use Scribus
to layout labels for each bag ("Gummy Bears", "Gummy Worms", "Whales",
etc.) with appropriate fonts, colours and clipart, and print on Avery
5163 labels with my HP2550L colour laser printer.

I also mail out about 5500 flyers every month -- what's playing at the
theatre for the next month.  I use Scribus to do the layout and print
a master on a Samsung 1210 laser printer, after which I print the
actual flyers on a Risograph.

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