[Scribus] German forum needed for business

Marvin Dickens marvindickens
Sun Jun 5 00:31:42 CEST 2005

On Saturday 04 June 2005 04:50 pm, Mikolaj Machowski wrote:
> Dnia sobota 04 czerwiec 2005 17:49, Craig Bradney napisa?:
> > Of course, please post in German if required. Those of us who can read
> > German will, and those that can reply in German will do that too. (Or
> > any other language)
> One thing would be nice (IMO) for letters in not English - add to
> Subject description of language [de], [fr], [pt], etc. With such tags
> users of list who cannot read in given language can easily filter out
> those letters.
> m.

IMHO, it seems to me that this list should pick a language
(Whatever language - French, German, Italian, Spanish, English...) and
stick with it. Otherwise it will become the Mailing List of Babel. That's not
to say an occassional post in language x is not appropriate - It is.

If the the majority of users on this list are unhappy with this list being in 
English, change it to whatever language fits the needs of most users. But,
please pick a language and stick with it.


Marvin Dickens
Alpharetta, Georgia   USA 
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