[Scribus] German forum needed for business

Ekkard Gerlach ekkardgerlach
Sat Jun 4 17:16:09 CEST 2005

Like already mentioned I'm a 2-person business (might be with 
some students next weeks, see flyers on the walls of University 
of Karlsruhe sticked thursday). It's my secretary and not me who 
has to make flyers - and my secretary can't understand/speak 
english. So she normally stops working when a problem occurs and
can't ask in this list. 

I assume that it's very often that some secretaries have to make 
flyers and not admins that speak english. A german forum (and 
also a forum in other languages!) would help much to improve 

Is it perhaps possible that thread in german here would be accepted?
Some persons here perhaps translate. Sorry, I've not the time 
to translate everything my secretary wants to aks. It's because 
SHE and not me is the scribus specialist. Otherwise I could draw
with scribus on my own ...


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