[Scribus] Scribus HP down?

Paul paul
Thu Jun 2 10:03:08 CEST 2005


> I want to download the scribus 1.2.2cvs ebuild from the Scribus HP but 
> the website seems to be down ... Is this a known problem (e.g. 
> maintainance) or did something go wrong? Will the HP be back soon? What 
> about CVS?

There is currently an outage affecting certain parts of the network at
the University of Salford which is preventing machines being visible
from the outside world. The techs at Salford are aware of the problem
(it's down to us using lots of XP boxes - and due to whole sale attacks
against a number of HE domains, have had to get lots of security in to
stop naughty people from accessing our boxes) and hope to have it fixed
sooner rather than later.

CVS is fine as it's not held at Salford.

I've contacted Salford to point this problem out and it should be fixed


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