[Scribus] Re: IMHO excessive quoting....

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Thu Jun 2 00:57:49 CEST 2005

Hi Bruce,

On 6/1/05, Servants <servants at cotse.net> wrote:
> I agree. Top posting is quite annoying, also. It makes it very hard to 
> read.
> Don't top-post:  http://www.catb.org/~esr/jargon/html/T/top-post.html

I didn't know about "top" posting so, Sorry!  I , too, "top" posted in
some of my previous posts!   I simply didn't know and followed a
pattern practiced by some (perhaps in some of the cases ... I don't

I think folks managing this user-list should also present their views
on this so that all the list users can reach a common agreement as to
whether to include the quoted text above or below the post.

Perhaps, someone (preferably from within the team) should post the
list-netiquette on the wiki to resolve the issue for good.


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