[Scribus] who uses Scribus?

frank gaude' tanzen
Wed Jun 1 22:53:35 CEST 2005

zee wrote:

>I believe in the Scribus project and would like to know what kind of 
>traction it might be gaining in the professional market.
Hello, Zee!

Well, I'm no longer in the pro market but I used to be for years. I use 
Scribus to do printed work, and also the designs for web pages. The pace 
at which the project is moving points to it being a tool as powerful as 
InDesign soon, within the next year. I've used PageMaker and then 
InDesign 1.0 through CS since about 1988 to a few months ago. The only 
thing I miss in Scribus is the lack of Gaussian blur shadows, but I do 
have faith that it is coming. The 1.3cvs version has drop shadows for 
text now, so blurring and elongating the drops shouldn't be that 
difficult in code.

I do believe in Europe their is lots of traction already for many types 
of pro jobs, but not the slick magazine types. Others here on the list 
will likely give you a feel for the European market. I'm Northern 
California, USA.

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