[Scribus] Translators needed:...

Ludi Maciel iludi
Sat Jul 30 23:55:27 CEST 2005

Well, my last try today (trying to send this e-mail).

>Actually, that's not part of a glossary. A glossary simply "maps" one
>term to another one, in this case in another language

I should disagree here.

Glossary \Glos"sa*ry\, n.; pl. Gossaries. [L. glossarium, fr.
 ?glossa: cf. F. glossaire. See 3d Gloss.]
 ?A collection of glosses or explanations of words and passages
 ?of a work or author; a partial dictionary of a work, an
 ?author, a dialect, art, or science, explaining archaic,
 ?technical, or other uncommon words.

In portuguese dictionary is the same. It try to explain a specific term
(technical or not) for better understanding. I search the word 'Design' and
'designer' in portuguese dictionary and I got no translated term (as I said
below), just a explanation of what it does.
I might be wrong...

>Is not only the GUI. We need an easily accesible list of terms for
>discussions on further development. Things like "overprinting" are
>already mentioned on the bugtracker, but you need a way to find it from
>your native language, if only to avoid redundant feature requests/bug

Overprinting = sobre-impress?o
Fine here, but there is a lot of terms that make our life very difficult
You know, the whole world is becoming more and more "englished". We heard a
lot of this terms in PM and communication (including design), and is really
hard to translate it. 'Design' it self have no possible translation in
portuguese, the same to the most part of the world I guess.
When someone say: Hey, I'm designer. Man, what the heck are you taking about?
The first thing the people think is: Oh, he is gay and work with fashion
?(kind of).
The right question should be: ?What kind of designer are you? Fashion
designer, sound designer, graphic designer, hair designer, industrial
designer, multimedia designer (and so on...)? And explain this to the people
is very very hard :):)
Even DtP to me is a big threat to make some sense (not in english, sure).

Whatever, I'll translate some of those soon.

Best regards.

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