[Scribus] Creating external/web links

dann s washko dann
Thu Jul 28 22:21:33 CEST 2005

I know it is possible to create external web links using pdf
annotations.  What I am wondering if it is possible to create a link to
an html document local to the exported pdf file?  I get mixed results
when I do this with different pdf readers (I've only tested on Linux so

Xpdf and Acrobat Reader will open the link to the local file no problem
so long as the browser (in this case firefox) is already open.  If the
browser is not open xpdf opens a browser window and then produces and
error because "www." gets prefixed before the url.  Acrobat reader will
do nothing but in the terminal I launched it from I see the message that
no running window was found.

If I am not in the same directory as the html file in question when I
launch xpdf, it will not be able to fine the file and produces the same
error as above (the www. prefix).  Acrobat reader does not have this

Finally, gpdf exhibits the prefix issue no matter what.

I realize this is probably not a scribus issue, but more to do with pdf
or the pdf readers.  I wondering if there is a way to craft the
annotation so that the desired results are produced not matter what the

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