[Scribus] Inkscape 0.42 and Scribus

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Jul 27 23:54:29 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 27 July 2005 19:04, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> The plot thickens a little.

What plot would that be?

> Here are two SVG files generated with Inkscape 0.42, one consisting of a
> bunch of circles/pies, and the other of a single square.
> The pies.svg loads fine into Scribus (1.30 21 July), but not the
> square.svg...(?) (Signal 11 crash)
> I've tried this now with two different computers, my laptop and my
> desktop at work.  Both are P4 machines running FC4.

Yes, confirmed. It crashes when importing the file into an existing document, 
but not when there is no doc open. 

I have put in bug 2309 for this, but please in future, if you get a crash, 
submit a bug. We cannot keep track of all the things that might or might not 
happen if you don't submit a bug to the tracker. Also, for those that are 
using CVS, please use the latest.. we change more than one thing daily, or 
hourly, so please if you are using CVS please test in the latest version.


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