[Scribus] Scribus 1.3.0 doesn't show full set of fonts in story editor.

Robert R. Di Giorgio bobdi
Wed Jul 27 22:36:57 CEST 2005

Scribus 1.3.0 is not consistent in how many fonts you can install and 
how many fonts you cn actually use:

1. the Available Fonts list in Preferences is a scrolling list, which 
seems to be able to handle an unlimited list of fonts. I have 235 fonts, 
including variations (bold, italic, condensed, etc.)
2. The Fonts list in Edit Paragraph Styles appears to be a fixed page 
with a capacity of 100 items (4 columns of 25), but this page only shows 
the primary name of each font, not all the variations, so that's a lot 
of fonts, but still limited. I have 91 in this list.
3. The Fonts list in Story Editor is a fixed page of 108 items (4 
columns of 27), but since that includes all the variations of each font 
(bold, italic, etc.) Only 45 of my 91 primary name fonts show op here, 
and that seems to be all that I can use in Story Editor! Isn't there any 
way to scroll or page this list to see the rest of my fonts?

I agree that I don't need all those fonts. I got them by copying over 
font files from other computers, but I'd like the privilege of deleting 
fonts when experience shows me which ones I never use, not to limit to a 
list that is showing them alphabetically. The Story Editor is where I 
most need access to the less used fonts, for captions, titles and odd 
applications that I don't create paragraph styles for.

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