[Scribus] Inkscape Announces 0.42 Release :: http://www.inkscape.org :: Draw Freely.

frank gaude' tanzen
Wed Jul 27 04:10:38 CEST 2005

Gregory Pittman wrote:

> Jon Phillips wrote:
>> July 26, 2005 - The Inkscape community today announced the release of
>> Inkscape 0.42, a cross-platform Open Source Scalable Vector Graphics 
>> (SVG)
>> drawing tool. 
> Inasmuch as my 0.41 Inkscape had stopped working (died on startup, 
> something about not able to get extensions), I downloaded 0.42 from 
> Sourceforge.
> The good news: the "static" RPM installed fine in my FC4.  A few 
> moments of playing with 0.42 and I agree, much more intuitive, little 
> spontaneous messages in the border to help to know what to do. (Maybe 
> Scribus could take a hint from this concept...)
> The bad news: even a simple solid color rectangle SVG caused a Signal 
> 11 crash of Scribus.  Didn't matter if it was an "Inkscape SVG", or 
> "Plain SVG".
> EPS and PNG (and presumably others) are workarounds for now.

Same results here, Greg... Signal 11 on import of simple SVG from 
Inkscape .42.

Nonetheless, the program looks good, very good. (I've had no troubles 
with .41 not working.)


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