[Scribus] Styles problem and zooming

wayne iw
Tue Jul 26 05:41:12 CEST 2005

I have a set number of pages that my linked text frames must fit in and I 
want to text to flow all the way to the end. So, to do that, I adjust 
either the font size or spacing in the paragraph style. After I change and 
save the style, it looks good and fits properly but as soon as I zoom out, 
the formatting changes and the space between the last line and the bottom 
of the text frame is different. I have to go back into the style and 
further adjust it to fit to the end of the frame. So now, whenever I use 
linked text frames, I have to make sure I zoom out, then zoom in again to 
check that the formatting hasn't changed. It doesn't happen all the time, 
but enough to warrent constant zooming/unzooming.

Has anyone noticed this?

Mandriva 2005LE

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