[Scribus] Re: Where are the font files? Hurry,

Andreas Vox avox
Mon Jul 25 18:40:59 CEST 2005

Robert R. Di Giorgio wrote:
> All the above was very helpful. I learned how to locate font files, and
> install them in fontconfig and Scribus. I copied the files over from my
> other computer (which has Xandros 3 and Scribus 1.2.?, but no matter
> what I did, Scribus 1.3 didn't show the new fonts I wanted. It turned
> out that they were mostly TTF fonts, which apparently Scribus 1.2
> accepted but 1.3 doesn't.

Does Scribus say they are broken on the console, either on startup or 
first time you use the font?
In fact Scribus 1.3 should recognize more font formats than 1.2. It 
just may be more picky about broken fonts, but you don't want to find 
out about broken fonts when the printer tells you and hands you the 
bill, do you?

> I weeded out the fonts I really didn't like
> (mostly the Asian fonts), and am trying to locate Type 1 fonts that are
> free and I like. :-\ Not much luck so far, but I'm still looking.

Scribus should have no problem with TTF, TTFC and OTF fonts. If it 
does, please report!


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